Sunday, November 8, 2009

File Sharing Terminated

I toiled over this decision long and hard and gave myself plenty of time to ponder the issue before making my decision, but after all was considered I have decided to cancel all my shares and I will not be sharing anything again.

I have long been an advocate for high quality lossless file sharing or at the very least extremely high quality MP3s with as much proper documentation as available which would include tagging files, cover art scans and a text document with track list, release information and any other pertinent information about the share.

I would go to a lot of effort to ensure my shares were the best quality audio, images and documentation possible.

I have always been disappointed and irritated by the laziness and ineptness of the majority of those who share files. Especially, low quality files, and idiots who don't even put files inside a folder. 128 MP3s are absolutely useless, but assholes complain about higher quality files taking up too much hard drive space and taking too long to upload or download. Please, what a load of crap!

I have run private groups, only allowing those with proper skill levels and qualifications to join and share, but those generally run their course in a few years. I belong to other groups run by individuals who don't care or are themselves too lazy or inept to incorporate any standards at all, meaning you get a majority of people sharing complete crap.

I've never thought it fair that those lazy cretins get to download your excellent shares while all you get is their shit.

However, the thing that irked me more than anything was starting to find my shares elsewhere and they were less than what I had shared to begin with. My ripping credits were removed from the tags, images were removed, distorted or made tiny, and the text documentation was removed.

Now, I can understand that most are too lazy to do all this work to begin with, but why anyone would put forth effort to make a share less than what it was originally and re-share it is beyond my comprehension.

At any rate, I've had enough of this nonsense and hence, no more shares in public blogs or forums where anyone can rape a share and fuck it up.

I will continue to share privately, via Torrents and other P2P venues.

I want to apologize to all those dedicated individuals who, like me, put forth the effort to make their shares the best they can be and strive for perfection, and will no longer get to enjoy my shares.


  1. Sorry to see you go, but as for public sharing I can totally understand. Thanks again for having such a great music collection.

    Dave W.

  2. The great irony is the fact that the blogs that appropriate other peoples material and present it as their own will eventually run out of material because like you, people will eventually get so annoyed and angry they will either cease posting and move to private networks exclusively....and soon their sources will dry up.

    I have been in the torrent scene since it started but as for the music blogs, I have only really got into them in the last year but the one thing that has astonished me more than anything is the fact that very few people who download all this material ever even bother to say thank you, offer other links to similar material or contribute more information about the post....or just in some small way contribute, it seems people just see music blogs as a onestop shop to get all the rarities their hardrive will take and give nothing back...actually the only time these people will comment is when the link is dead and then its a half-assed "great you repost this" and thats about it!

    It seems the burn out rate for individual music blogs is about three years, the ones that do survive like Mutant Sounds, Prog Not Frog are collective blogs with multiple contributers and that way if one person decides on a break, the whole project does not disappear down the memory hole....the trick is finding people on your wavelength!

  3. Great post, the saucer people! As you may have already noticed i have brought shares back on a limited basis!!

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