Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shares To Return

I have decided to reinstate the shares already on this page and add new ones in the future, however, from this point forward no shares will be my own rips or contain any elements created by me. Any shares found here will not be modified by me in any way and will be as I found them, so if no credit is given to the origins of the downloaded files, that's how they exist.

The goal of this blog will continue to be to share the best audio at the highest quality possible!

Check the shares below by clicking the album images to see if they are active again and available for download!

UPDATE: OK, Im still not ripping, but I am compiling information and editing/modifying images as need be. All I ask is if you take these files, please leave them in tact and give proper credit.
(4 August 2010)



  1. Thanks for choosing to return to upping, mate.

    I came to you via Vinnie Rattolle's site and really enjoyed your shares before you swore off them. Perhaps if people behave, you'll consider coming fully out of retirement and dusting off some of your collection!



  2. Thanks for the encouragement LuckyTiger. Yes, I am very capable of a change of heart as you have already witnessed!